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For some time we have wanted to travel somewhere a bit more adventurous and for me the only way to travel is in our Land Rover, and what better destination than Africa! Unfortunately a full on overland expedition is out of reach.....for the time being at least.


Morocco however is fairly easy to get to and our 24 day mini expedition was a perfect amount of time to give us a taste of overland travel. We had considered traveling with one of the many expedition companys that offer tours of Morocco, I liked the idea of the security and support you get with a large group as a major breakdown was my biggest concern. We also looked into purchasing a roof tent for the defender which are not cheap! In fact a similar cost to the entry fee charged by an expedition company. Unfortunatly the budget was tight we couldn't afford both! We ultimatly decided that we wanted to travel at our own pace and wanted the flexability of being able to do our own thing so we decided to travel alone.